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Shannon & Charlie’s Summer Winery Wedding // Sbragia Vineyards, Geyserville

Shannon and Charlie have overcome some major adversity to say the least! From rescheduled wedding dates, to venue changes (even states!) broken collarbones and 110 degree heat on their wedding day, they did it all with a huge smile on their faces and a pure excitement for their day! I couldn’t say enough nice things about Shannon and Charlie, they were just a joy to work with.

The beautiful florals were designed by none other than Sierra at Feather Flower Farms. It was an honor to photograph her work, she did an amazing job with the floral arch for their ceremony! Planning by the amazing Milestone Event Groups and catering by The Brass Spatula, food was to die for!

I asked Charlie to share the proposal story and this is what he had to share. I cried when I read this, so beware you will too. Like a lot.


We were a few days into a 10 day camper van trek through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Park. Living out of a close quartered vehicle was becoming stressful, mostly because buried in a sock at the bottom of my suitcase was the most valuable item I’d ever purchased.

We arrived in Yellowstone and found out that our horseback ride had been cancelled. Normally, that would have been fine, but not when that horseback ride was part of my proposal plan. I also learned that bribery of a National Park Ranger was frowned upon in those parts and there was nothing I could do to salvage the ride. Plan A had begun to fall apart and Plan B hadn’t been thought of yet. I had to think on my toes and re-route the game-plan. Lucky for me, planning ahead has never been my strong suit so I’m experienced with these types of sticky situations.

I had already kicked myself for not aiming to pop the question at the beginning of our trip since the previous few days had been riddled with close calls and head-trips.

Shannon would ask, “Why did you lock the car when we’re just brushing our teeth? “My laptop is in there and you can’t trust anyone in the woods” I would say.

“Why are you being so weird right now?”

“I’m not weird, you’re weird” I would say.

So the plan hadn’t materialized the exact way I had imagined, but as long as she’s with me we’ll swing at those curveballs together.

Luckily, I had heard about an awesome hike up to Inspiration Point for a famous view of the yellow rocks of Yellowstone. That was it.

I told her “Lets both shower, get looking nice and go for a hike to Inspiration Point for a photo op.” She was game – she gets down with the Insta. Of course, while we prepped to hit the road, the rain intensified, along with my heartbeat. Shannon thought she’d wear her old red beanie for this little hike, but I had to intervene and shut that idea down (for her sake). I saw her face change and eyes light up – I thought for sure she knew what was happening.

As we got closer to Inspiration Point, I was collecting the words inside my head and pumping myself up. She loves you, you love her. You’ve talked about this for months and you’re both on the same page.

There were a handful of people scattered around the area so my timing would need to be impeccable. As the space cleared, I went for it and told her all the feelings I had about the future we’d build together and the lifetime full of love we’d share.

Her eyes began to glow with tears of joy as she said the 3 letter word I was waiting to hear. Yes.

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