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What Does a Wedding Photographer Wear

This question gets asked a lot by other photographers and clients. Photographers need inspiration every now and then to freshen their wardrobe and clients are curious as to what you’ll show up in on their wedding day. Now, I’m the kind of wedding photographer who doesn’t always wear black or show up in a polo with my logo on it. I believe that I should appear more as a guest, less as a vendor. Plus it’s not like I don’t already stand out with all my gear and cameras!! So here I will show you a few outfits I have to pick from on a wedding day. Of course, this isn’t all of them but these are my top three favorites!

what do wedding vendors wear to wedding days

Ok so this blue summer dress is brought you from my favorite place to shop – Target. I’ll wear this to a more casual, garden like wedding with my Bear Trap shoes. This isn’t a post about comfortable wedding shoes but I will tell you that you can’t go wrong with the two I talk about in this post. Bear Trap sandals are amazing but my feet get so sweaty and dirty (real talk) after a wedding  day that I really only wear this if I know it’s somewhere not dusty and super hot.

what do wedding photographers wear

This jumpsuit is from American Eagle and it’s suuuuuper comfortable. It’s light-weight and easy to move around in. Of course, if you wear a jump suit on a wedding day, you better hope you don’t have too many bathroom breaks that day. Especially with my HoldFast gear on…let’s just say I’d rather hold it sometimes! But on shorter wedding days this is a great choice! If it’s cooler outside I can throw this black (also from Target) cardigan on and it’s very soft and cozy. It has a back belt too which is trendy and cute!

outfits for a wedding photographer

Last but not least is this black jump suit. Same as above, the less bathroom breaks the better – especially since this one isn’t as stretchy over the hips! Also from Target though, a great find!! Super soft, light-weight and comfortable for wedding days. I’m a huge fan of being able to bend over & squat without showing too much, being comfortable, and dressing appropriately and still staying in the vendor guidelines.

all black jumpsuit for wedding photographer

The shoes I’m wearing here are All Birds! I’m a fan of the closed toe shoes for most weddings so you’ll see me wearing these 8/10 wedding days. I’m itching for another pair…what color should I get?!

wedding outfits on wedding day wedding day outfit for vendors