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Beautiful Wedding Photographers Home Office Remodel

September 6, 2019

I am so fortunate to be able to have a home office with lots of space and natural light. I always wanted to do a home office remodel but when we first moved into our home, I wasn’t sure what the room would be utilized for, mostly because I wasn’t doing weddings & photography full time yet. The room is an add on to the living room but not insulated enough to where we are able to use it as a bedroom or a regular living space. So we designated the room to the dogs and it works out perfectly! They had tons of space which led directly to the backyard. They only slept in there at night and when we left for longer than an hour so they didn’t terrorize the house.

Shortly after I realized that I would need a home office space just to pay bills and somewhere for my desktop. I had a desk from my old house that we put in a spare bedroom but it just wan’t enough space for me. So instead of taking an entire spare bedroom for an office I decided to share the extra space with the dogs! Which honestly is the best because they love to lay in there with me while I work. In fact as I type this I can hear them snoring sound asleep behind me! It’s so cute and they keep me company, it’s a win-win!

The room definitely needed a basic remodel though. Some paint was chipped off the walls and the color just didn’t fit my style. So we started really basic with just repainting the room. Holy cow…what paint can do to a boring room and make it something totally new! Once the walls were painted we figured we should rip the baseboards out and get new ones (man that was more work than we anticipated) and also paint the window sills and the door leading to the backyard. Freshened the whole room up in just one coat! I changed the drawer handles on the desk and we added some shelving on the walls and some furniture to the room. It’s all still a work in progress…and if you know me, who knows when it will actually be “finished.” But what we did create so far, I absolutely love! It’s cozy and inviting which is just what I wanted.

Now I have a beautiful work space and I am able to have potential clients over for coffee or tea while we discuss albums, wedding collections & so much more!

Here is the before AND after!!!

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