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Amy Jordan provides luxury wedding photography in Napa & Sonoma Valleys with a unique approach, combining true-to-color editing, timeless galleries, and a relaxing experience that’s full of joy.



6 Tips for your Engagement Session!

Are you recently engaged and ready for your engagement session?? Perfect! I can’t wait to capture you and your fiancé soon, but first want to give you some helpful tips before you show up!

1. Bring at least 3-4 outfit changes

I ask my clients to bring a couple outfit changes for the engagement session because it brings variety to the gallery. I think lots of clients notice they love one outfit more than the other and it’s not always the one you’d think! I encourage my couples to decide one dressy outfit and one casual outfit but bring back ups of both just in case (sometimes there’s even an outfit malfunction and you’ll be glad to have another option).

2. Practice posing in front of the mirror

This one might be awkward and you might even be saying right now “I’m going to skip this tip” but before you do just hear me out. I can tell when my clients come to an engagement session unprepared and it takes so much longer to get warmed up and comfortable in front of the camera. So when your gallery gets delivered the first half of your photos usually look stiff and overly “posed.” To avoid this, I ask my clients to practice their facial expressions in the mirror. During the session I’ll ask you to laugh, look at each other, look more serious, look off into the distance…etc. So while you’re semi-comfortable in you’re own home I highly suggest you practice some laughing, smiles and serious looks in the mirror with and without your fiancé!

3. Remember to have fun!

Although you’ll treasure these photos for a lifetime and it’s all about highlighting your engagement, remember this is also practice for the wedding day when the photos really count. So just relax, take deep breaths and remember why you’re here. You are engaged! Have fun with your fiancé and I’ll promise to take care of the rest!!

4. Bring some fun props!

There is such a wide variety of things you can bring! This ranges from blankets, clothing accessories (hats, jewelry, scarves…etc), dogs/pets/animals, your favorite sports jersey, anything personalized…the list goes on and on! Really think about what means the most to you both, like in the photo above, this engaged couple are both pilots and it’s how they met! However, if you don’t want to bring any props that’s fine too!

5. Just be you!

I promise you’ll enjoy your photos so much more if you ignore the fact that I’m there and you just get to be you. Every now and then I’ll make a comment on how to pose differently, but while I’m snapping away just do whatever feels natural (I know, how does one really be natural in front of a camera?) 

6. Expect to walk a lot, sit and stand through out the session.

It’s fun to have variety in your sessions so I like to change levels a lot. Of course, if you have a problem with this please let me know! I promise to not make you do anything too crazy. Most locations we will have to walk a little so make sure to bring comfy walking shoes and a bag to carry your other change of clothes in!


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