Why you should invest in a wedding album

July 10, 2019

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It kills me to see my clients receive their beautiful wedding images and download the gallery to their desktop and do nothing with them. Not even print a couple to hang on their wall! But also, I get it…you’ve just planned your wedding and you’re exhausted. It’s time to rest and enjoy the photos later. Maybe you’ll print them next month? 

The thing is, technology is not guaranteed and it’s always changing. But your wedding album is forever and something so accessible when your friends are over and want to admire your gorgeous day all over again. Your wedding day album tells the story from start to finish and you’ll be smiling the entire time you’re turning each page. Here is why you should invest in a wedding album:

I’ve specifically included an album credit into the majority of my wedding collections because you deserve to splurge a little extra on a wedding album that you can’t get anywhere else. I’ll tell you what makes these albums so incredibly special and why I believe in them. 

  • It’s all customizable to fit your wants, needs and most importantly your budget.
  • It’s made to last a lifetime – seriously!

  • There are different paper options but all of them are top of the line, high quality paper that you’ll be so impressed with. Your images are meant to pop on these pages!
  • It’s a seamless process – all you have to do is trust me to design the album. Don’t worry you’ll get to approve it before it’s ordered!

I just love how many different sizes and cover options you have! Options are endless and as I said before, if you want a wedding album like no one else has, that’s not a problem. We can customize debossing for you so you have your very own design! You can also choose from a photo cover, luxe leathers, beautiful linens, add a cameo cover like the photo above and so much more!

Yes, wedding albums are an investment but they aren’t meant to break the bank either. I want you to love your wedding album, which is why I have a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love your wedding album, you don’t have to pay for it. I also offer payment plans for those who want one. Just ask me more details so we can set it up for you!

I hope this gave you some more insight into what the wedding album fuss is all about. If you’re on the fence on ordering one come into the office to see a couple samples in person! I promise there’s no reason for you not to invest in a wedding album.


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