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10 wedding planning tips you must know

10 wedding planning tips you must know from Maryssa with Save The Date! Wedding & Events planner in Sonoma, CA! We are so lucky to have her on the blog today. I can’t wait to share more from her in the future as she is an extremely seasoned wedding planning and plays a huge role in our wedding industry in Sonoma County! Have fun reading through her wedding tips and we hope it helps you plan your wedding in a more efficient way!

1. Hire a planner! Our whole intent is to make your wedding planning experience a breeze from start to finish!

2. Nail down your budget first: Who is contributing to what and what is your maximum goal budget?

3. Be picky about your guest list. Only invite guests who have played an important role in yours and your partners lives.

4. Choose a venue that is easy for majority of your guests to travel to and has plenty of surrounding accommodations.

5. Even if it sounds unnecessary, always have a Plan B in place. Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate with your outdoor wedding plans!

6. Find out what is most important to you and focus your budget there. We always recommend splurging a little bit on your photographer. These are photos you will admire for years to come and pass down to generations!

7. Guests will remember the food and the party. Make the menu creative and be sure to hire a reputable band or DJ!

8. Give guests or family members a job. If you have people offering to help, let them! There is plenty to do such as track RSVP’s, handle hotel blocks or come up with wedding weekend entertainment plans.

9. Personal your wedding. Incorporate decor and props that represent your relationship well. You want your guests to walk in and be able to separate your wedding from others.

10. Enjoy the process. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed by wedding planning, take a step back and remember what it’s all about… you’re marrying your best friend!